Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 30th (10 miles)

Back in the saddle baby. Despite some obstacles (well, one very big obstacle) I laced up my shoes and headed to the gym today. For a fun workout, I did what I refer to as a ladder. I start at 6.0 mph and every two songs, I increase the speed .1. I hit my goal of ten miles at 7.3 mph. I have no idea why this makes running seem like a game, but it does. Just what the doctor ordered.

In other news, Apple you can be real jerks in the face, you know that? Though I do love apple products, I hate that everything is extra. When I went to the genius bar to tell them about my computer, the first thing the guy mentioned was that they have an insert that you can buy for $50 to keep water from spilling through your keyboard. First off, that's great to know now -- Thanks! Second, why don't you just make that standard, oh, because you make more money if people ruin their computers. Third, I don't trust companies that refer you to another company if you have an issue.

However, I took their advice and went to Mac Enthusiasts. It's still going to cost a pretty penny to fix, but the people there were helpful and professional and didn't refer me to another company that would do the job for a better price than them.

Other good things Frozen mangos. Do they sell these anywhere but Southern California? Cause they are God damn amazing. I think I shall have some now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It's been one of those days. Yesterday, I spilled water on my laptop. That's bad enough as it is, but then I spent the rest of the day waiting in the Apple store to get serviced...which didn't happen.

This morning I woke up to find that my pet hedgehog is sick. She's feeling better now. I guess it's a little chillier here than usual, and Ms. Zelda decided to try and hibernate. That would be fine and good if she were in the wild, but domesticated hedgehogs aren't prepared for hibernation, so they would essentially die.

As I'm sitting with Ms. Zelda under some covers to help warm her up, my doctor called. There's some complications with my lady bits. This was all before 8:30 in the morning. That's when I decided to take a mental health day. I sat around the apartment, slept on the couch and got a little bit of work done, but nothing else.

Damn, there's no way to go but up, right?

Monday, March 26, 2007

March 26th (3 in the morning 11 in the afternoon)

I did get outside to run today. It was very long, just a jog around the block. But I did it. Yeah. And I did two a days.

On my way to the gym, I stopped at the 7-11 to get some water. The clerk, who I see all the time, asked me how many miles I was running today. I told him eleven. He replied with an "only eleven." This fascinates me.

I always find it interesting how distorted peoples ideas of distance can be. I think eleven miles is a pretty healthy distance. It's like running from my house to the ocean. I guess people are so used to driving that they don't realize the effort it would take to run that same distance. I also think that some folks who haven't exercised for years think that they can just pick up where they left off when they were a high school soccer player. This makes me chuckle.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

March 24th and 25th (8 miles and 1 mile)

Damn, weekends are busy.

I had a great time playing soccer this weekend, but it most certainly wore me out. At the beginning of the game, we were short 2 players. Before the end of the first half we went down another player as one of our defenders was hurt. Then it turned into a blood bath both literally and figuratively. I think we ended up losing 5-0 and three of our players (myself included) were bleeding by the end of the game.

It's a good thing I did my 8 mile run before hand.

Sunday, I was a lazy lump. I was sore from a the hard 90 minutes of soccer I put in and so I switched my long run to tomorrow and I did a mile today.

I'm sad to admit that I think I'm resigned to my treadmill running. I like it. I'm going to still try and squeeze in some trails, but the gym is right down the street and I have to drive to the trails. Filling up my tank with over $40 worth of gas yesterday has me hopping on my bike and going to the gym.

Friday, March 23, 2007

March 22nd and 23rd (8 miles and 8 miles)

Damn, I have to remember to update on a daily basis so I can remember what the hell I did.

Yesterday I did some speed work in the evening. 8 miles total with 5 at 8:05/mile.

Today, after a morning of commuting and doctor's appointments, I jumped rope for a little while. Then I biked it up to Ye Olde 24 hour fitness to run 8 miles at 8:57/mile.

My pace is definitely getting back to where I'd like it to be. I want to push really had for Wild Miles. It's been awhile since I've actually run a shorter race. By shorter, I mean the legs obviously in total it's the longest race I've done. But the three legs I have are spread out over 2 days. There's a 3.7, a 6.5 and a 7.5. That's if everything goes according to plan.

Oh, we've also picked up some new runs. Thanks to everyone who contacted me and was interested. If you didn't make it onto our team, there's a ton of other teams that still need to be filled up, so check the message board for Wild Miles.

I also want to make sure that after this weekend, my two-a-days are two running workouts. Though I'm definitely getting my blood pumping with jumping rope, soccer and tennis, I need to make sure that I'm running enough to be ready. So Monday, when soccer and tennis are by the wayside I'll be doing two runs. Good times.

Time for a shower.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today's post, brought to you by Fountains of Wayne

Now, this blog should be totally devoted to my running. So in essence, there shouldn't be any teen angst posts about how the world is against me. But, I guess, that's a big part of MY running. Not all the time, but you know, on those days when I think the world is out to get me.

Running and I have been through hard times before. The past week has been rather tough and even though running makes you feel better, I just want it to go away. I'd much rather just lay in bed and feel sorry for myself. That's the easy path I guess.

But, as I got up this morning I realized I have a lot of stuff to get ready for and feeling sorry for myself does nothing but make matters worse.

I made a plan a week ago to start doing two a days. It lasted for a few days and then fell by the wayside. Since I missed my opportunity for a morning run today, I'm going to start back on the right foot tomorrow.

I believe I will kick the run off with "A Bright Future in Sales" by the Fountains of Wayne. For those of you who aren't familiar with this ditty, its basically says "I've gotta get my shit together, cause I can't live like this forever. You know I've come too far and I don't want to fail. I've got a new computer and bright future in sales." Check it out.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March 21st (9 miles)

Another day, another 9 miles on the treadmill.

March 19th and 20th (1 mile and 9 miles)

What can I say, I've been nothing but gloomy the past few days. Monday was a cross training day, so I jumped some rope while watching Sunday's episode of "The Amazing Race." Rob and Amber, you are missed. I don't really know who I want to cheer for anymore. My cohort in crime loves Charla and Mirna, but I dispise them. I hate to get behind a frat boy. You know what, I'm taking the Danny and Oswald train to the end. I hope that they win. They're so nice and fun.

Tuesday I was really upset to wake up and discovered that we had no electricity. This put a big wrench in my plans. Without electricity, we don't have internet and without internet I can't look for a job and without looking for a job I feel like I'm letting my cancer ridden father down. So you see, I was not in the greatest state of mind. So, I just sat around the house waiting for the electricity to come back on.

True, I could have gone to a Wifi cafe or hit the gym, but it was just one of those days. In my mind, I knew that if I got out and about I'd feel better about things, but it was just not happening. The electricity came back on around 1 and I sent out some resumes before tackling 9 miles on the treadmill. I felt better after that, exercise certainly gets those endorphins going. Sadly it still doesn't solve all of lifes problems.

So yeah, that's that I guess. Today is a new day with a whole new world of possibilities and a positive outlook is key to happiness. Look at me using some affirmations. Go out and get 'em Aimee.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 18th (12 miles)

Damn gmap pedometer get on Mission Bay. Just like Boston, this has to be a fairly common trail route so how 'bout you make it easier to track? How 'bout it?

I skipped out on the Corn Beef and Hash at a friends' house so that I'd be plenty rested to meet my Wild Miles folks for a 12 mile training run. We ran a 9 min. mile pace which is pretty good. It's the longest/fastest pace I've done in a few weeks. Also, my stomach was a rumblin' and I stopped twice to use the bathroom which cut down on our time. I am such a girl.

I like my Wild Miles team for the pure fact that we are as hodge podge as you can get. Presently, we range in age from 24 to 65, span several ethnicities and include both genders. We're still looking for a few more runners, so who knows what we'll show up with at the starting line. Awesomeness, that's what we'll start with. And a few more runners.

One of the runners couldn't make it today and there are two women who contacted me to sign up, but they were both running Catalina. We're looking for two more runners still. I'm a little nervous cause I want 10 runners, but I know that we'll find a way if we have to it with 8. I'll be driving the van most of the way, but we'll do it.

After the drive home, my legs are a little cramped. I'm already in my pajamas and it's only 4 o'clock. I wonder what's on 'Lifetime'?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 17th (8 miles)

Happy St. Patty's Day folks. Remember to get your run on before you get your drink on. Running and drinking combined to not make a good match. Repeat: do not make a good match.

I started out the day at Griffith Park playing soccer with the rest of the ladies on "Just for Kicks." This is our first season together and we're not fairing too well. I think we'll get better once we play together more and once we get some subs. I was terrible today. You could tell I hadn't touched a ball in a few weeks. But the rest of the ladies looked great. We lost 2-0 to the first place team. Considering we don't have a goal keeper, I think we do really well. Hopefully when we find time to practice we'll improve.

After soccer, I came home and ate like I'd never eaten before. That's not true. If you know me you know that half of my waking hours are devoted to eating or thinking about what to eat. Hmmm, I wonder what I have in the fridge.

After refueling, I hopped on my bike and pedaled up to the gym. Gas prices are ridiculous. Even more ridiculous than when I left two weeks ago. If I want to be able to take a road trip this summer, I'm going to need to put some serious miles on the bike to save money. Or sell some organs. Anyone need one? Take your pick. Anything, but the kidneys. Those are on hold.

At the gym, I pumped out 8 miles at 6.5 mph. I think I'm ready for this 12 mile run tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. It feels almost like a blind date. I'm afraid that I'll show up and I won't be what the guys are expecting. It'll be fine, just some jitters.

Oh well, I'm off on my bike again. St. Patty's Day, here I come. Note: Drunken bike riding is also not encouraged. It's Bad News Bears.

Friday, March 16, 2007

March 16th (1.90 mile trail)

To help ease into trail running, I went to the closest, most familiar trail I know: Runyon Canyon. Say what you will about Runyon, it's crowded, it's ugly, it's hot, I like it. Why? Doggies. I don't have a dog, so Runyon is my fix.

Today, I decided to weave up the long, less steep path and come down the breakneck way. It took me 13:30 minutes to reach the bench at the top and only 7 minutes to get back down. Considering how steep it is, I think I done good.

My pace wasn't the best, but I'm still reving back up. I'm going to the gym in a little while to polish off the rest of the days miles and to lift. I'm hoping that I haven't lost too much off my pace. Only time and the treadmill will tell.

I hit the treadmill. 4 miles @ 6.5 mph. Not too shabby. I didn't want to push myself too hard as I have a soccer game tomorrow morning and a group run on Sunday. No sense being sore going into either of those things. I'm sure come Monday my thighs will be screaming.

Have running shoes, will travel.

During the winter of 2003, I got stuck in the Cincinatti airport for three days due to blizzard conditions. I kept busy by walking up and down the terminal, etc. I was amazed when I saw a gentleman running the terminals. Amazed and jealous. I foolishly packed my running shoes in my suitcase. It wouldn't have mattered much if I had them though cause I still wouldn't have had sports bras, a shower or a companion to watch my things.

During my ridiculously long layover yesterday I couldn't help but wish I had my running shoes. First off, I was in a Dallas, a city I've never been to, and it would have been nice to explore. Second, it would have been a nice way to kill time.

However, even if I had my running shoes, I still wouldn't have had anyone to watch my things. Few airports allow you to check your bags with them anymore and even fewer have lockers.

I was wondering if anyone knows any secrets to getting a quick run in on a layover. If so, do share.

March 15th (2.03 miles)

I'm back in California folks and ready to kick this training into full gear.

Last night I had a slog around the block for good measure. Today, I've got big plans. Now I just have to put those plans into action.

My training is going to change up a little bit for Wild Miles. First, I will be doing a trail run each day. Most days I hope to get to an actual trail, but if that's not possible, then I will use the trail function on the treadmill. So life like. Not. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I guess I could try out the headlamp before the race on a trail, but I'd prefer not to. I'd like to stay safe and alive.

Second, I'm switching to two a days. It'll be just like high school except no one will be yelling about me and Kim won't be there to mock Kaufmann. Aside from that, the same. Since I'll be running legs as oppossed to a full 20+ miles in a row, I figure this is a good way to get that training done. Also, since I've been pretty lazy these past few weeks, I think the two a days will help me build my mileage up faster and get my fitness where it belongs.

Here's to something new. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Westward ho!

I'll be packing it up and returning to Los Angeles tomorrow. Yeah, I'm so excited to return to the warm weather, my gym, my Bubbub and the job search. Fun!

However, there are things I always miss when I leave the East Coast. These East Coast standards should consider moving West so that I can enjoy them all the time. C'mon, do it for me.

1) Dunkin Donuts: True, I can buy Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla or Hazelnut (Cinnamon Spice is reserved for the holiday season) online but it's not the same. Why? Cream and sugar my friends. Let to my own devices, I take my coffee black. Perhaps I'll add a packet of sugar or a splash of milk if it's too hot. But at Dunkin Donuts, they don't know the term "packet" or "splash". They know what tastes delicious. That's about a 1-1-1 mix of coffee, cream and sugar. Don't worry though, they mix it behind the counter so you can't tell what they're up to and thus can not be held accountable, right?

2) Rita's Ices On of the great things about it heating up in PA is Rita's. Sure the ices are loaded with sugar, but they're so good. I got one last night as a treat to my throat. I'm sure that it wasn't the best long term decision, but short term it felt great. They have more flavors than the last time I went to Rita's (approx. 2003) and they've expanded drsatically, so other folks can enjoy them. Do it! If you're afraid of trying new things, they're free on March 21st. You have nothing to lose.

3) Wawa The beauty of Wawa is that people who aren't from the East Coast think that you're making things up. I guess we do have weird names for convenience stoers here though: Wawa, Sheetz, Apple Pantry. What makes Wawa wonderful (as Fina will tell you) is their hoagies (that's subs, grinders, deli sandwiches, to the rest of you). When you're on the run, say to go country line dancing a Wawa hoagie is the perfect on the go snack. Delicious.

Hmmmm, can you tell I eat alot when I come back to the West Coast. And no trip to the East Coast would be complete without pizza.

4) Villa Rosa and Mannino's Oh my goodness, East Coast pizza, how I've missed you. Jess got me thinking about food the minute I got off the plane. She was talking about cheesesteaks. I resisted the urge to put anything that awful into my mouth, but settled on a few slices of pizza instead. Villa Rosa's my favorite -- probably because I worked there during high school. But, my family always went to Mannino's so I have a soft spot for them as well. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Damn, lunch is quickly approaching, decisions, decisions.

March 14th (2.28 miles)

Last run in Pennsylvania, sigh. Also my last recovery run before I start back to training for Wild Miles, double sigh. Rest and relaxation, t'was nice knowing you.

Just a simple jog around a bigger block today. Nothing exciting at all. I guess like March. That's not true, I'm bizarro March. I was in like a lion with the marathon then I slowed down to lamb status and I'm ready to rev up to lion again. Grrr.

Now if only this laryngitis would go away so I didn't sound like a Muppet.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 13th (4.71 miles)

Not all runs are about fun, some of them are about business. That's exactly what this run was. I had to go to the bank, Blockbuster and the post office. Lucky for me, they're all on the same road. Woo hoo!

I really enjoy running and getting errands done. It's somewhat annoying running with things in your hands, but at the same time you get to scratch two things off your to do list at once. How's that for multi-tasking?

Not your mother's trail race

Wait, who am I to judge? Maybe this is your mother's kind of trail race. Maybe she does these kind of trail races in her sleep, while reciting the lyrics from Ace of Bases "The Sign" backwards and...on her hands. Your mother is a wonderful women I'm sure. What I meant to say is this is not my mother's trail race. Unless at the end of the trail there was a carton of Salem Lights and Haagen Daas. Then we'd be talking.

Anyway, one of my 2007 resolutions was to compete in more "fun" runs. I use the quotes because my friends mocked me saying, "how can running be fun?" To which I replied, "No, how can running be more fun?" See how I showed them.

The answer turned out to be relay races. In 2006, I competed in the Muddy Buddy. Many important lessons were learned on this race. First, even though the rules state you need a hydration system, you don't. I was happy to have mine, but my partner wasn't used to running with one. Second, it says you can use any bike, but you really need a mountain bike. Third, biking is hard. We were going through sand, water, mud, fields of hot coals, you name it. In the end, we didn't post a great score, but I had a great time and I was happy that I tried something new and exciting.

In the beginning of 2007, a group of us decided that we were going to do the Jimmy Stewart relay Marathon. It was the perfect race since we were all on different running levels. Some of us could run 5 miles in our sleep (like your mom -- oh gosh, that's not how I meant that to sound) while others had set five miles as a new running goal. We were making preparations. We were thinking of team names. We were waiting for them to open registration for this years race. That's when we finally realized that this years race was not taking place due to construction in Griffith Park. Back to square one.

I dove back in to looking for a race. That's when I discovered Wild Miles. It claims to be the "ultimate 2 day road trip. Your ten-man team has to cover 180+ miles over two days. The trail wasn't posted at that time, but it promised to be a challenging all-terrain adventure. When you weren't running, you were crammed in a van with other sweaty folks. You could be attacked by a moutain lion, a homeless person or your own teammates. This...this was the race for me.

Unfortunately, I couldn't run the race alone. The folks who were so excited about the 26 mile relay didn't seem so enthusiastic about multiplying that distance by seven. "C'mon," I said, "you could do a bunch of the shorter legs!" Sadly, they stuck to their reasoning and level headed thinking and I was on my own.

I posted a message on the Wild Miles board and soon found myself a team. One of my friends from LA changed her mind and decided to join. I called my parents to let them know and they seemed really excited that I'd be in a van with men I didn't know. They couldn't be happier. I think they've already written my obituary.

I guess what really excites me about Wild Miles is the people. I know that when I started running marathons people looked at me like I had just told them I was going to try and walk on water. They always asked, "Why? Why do you want to do that?" We all have our reasons I guess. But what's nice about Wild Miles is that while my friends are still asking me "why?" my teammates and the other competing teams get it. They don't need to know specifically why you're doing it, but in their hearts, they know that us "crazy" runners are all united. It's like a nice big family. Tear.

The point of this rambling post is that we're still looking for a few more runners to complete that family. If you're in the Southern California area and your looking for a fun, insane way to spend the weekend of April 28th-29th, let me know. If you're close to LA, I'd be more than happy to train together. I have yet to switch over from my marathon training to my Wild Miles training, so I am a clean slate. A clean slate of awesome.

What's 180 miles among friends?

Monday, March 12, 2007

March 12th (1 mile short and sweet)

As stated, I'm taking it easy with hopes that this cold will go away. I just went for a quick spin around the block today.

I hope I clear up in time to get on the plane and back to LA without a bunch of fuss. I got some Wild Miles to train for.

Also, I registered for the Xterra Challenge in Malibu Creek Park. Since it will be a few weeks after Wild Miles, I opted for the 4 mile instead of the 14. I don't want to push it too hard. But it should be exciting. Then after that I'm hoping that I can cross rock climbing off of my 2007 To Do List.

Now it's time for some tea and OJ and 24.

Note to self

When you get back to California check out some of these trails and or these trails.

Also, check out the California Race Calendar.

"A man can't breathe, he can't fight."

Thank you Terry Silver for that pearl of wisdom. Even though I work out at the 24 hour fitness and not Cobra Kai, I can assure you that the same can be said about running.

The combination or running a marathon, hopping on a plane and ending up in a cold climate has given my immune system a run for it's money. This weekend, I let it all ride when I went out to have a good time. I paid for it yesterday, but I'm totally paying for it today.

The laryngitis I had has worsened. I had a conference call so I was on the phone for about an hour. Aside from that, I whispered most of the day. It turns out, that's a big no-no.

The sore throat is really swollen. I also started getting a stuffy nose which turned into post nasal drip. I woke up in the middle of the night cause I was having trouble breathing.

Needless to say, I won't be exerting myself much today. I'm heading out for a quick mile jog around the block. Then some hot tea, a hot shower and some OJ. If you have a sore throat, stuffy nose, head cold trick that you know of pass it on.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March 11th (9 miles?)

The elements were against me this morning. Staying out to 4:30 am + springing forward an hour + sore throat + laryngitis + sore thighs from bull riding = slight hesitation before running. Slight hesitation. But, once I lace my sneakers up I'm on autopilot.

As mentioned before, gmap pedometer and trails are not so much friends. So, my jaunt through Core Creek Park today was based on time (90 minutes) and what I consider my "I know I'm running faster than this, but I hate to give myself credit I don't deserve" pace (6 mph). You do the math.

I hadn't been to Core Creek Park in forever. In all honesty, I meant to go to Tyler Park and I thought I was going to Tyler Park until I got to the entrance and saw the sign. I guess I'm used to being around Core Creek anyway since you can see it from the hospital windows at St. Mary's.

It was colder than the weather report predicted, so the park wasn't very crowded at all. There were a few other joggers, some dog lovers and the geese. True, they were not ducklings (damn, I'm obsessed with ducklings about as much as I'm obsessed with pandas) but they'll do. I'll take geese any day to the mountain lions, rattlesnakes and homeless people that hang out in the LA Wilderness.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10th (5.87 miles)

Ahhhh, memories. Today's loop took me passed both my elementary and middle school. If my high school wasn't on two towns over perhaps I would have hit that up too.

One of the best/worst things about coming home is seeing what's changed. There's definitely been way more construction in the area since I left. When I was jogging on the towpath yesterday I noticed a few new houses that had sprouted up, encroching on the canal even more. It wouldn't suprise me if the next time I came home they had under water bungalows there. To be fair though, I've never been one for excess and if these houses were a reasonable size or were an orphanage, I'd probably have no beef.

If there's one thing I love though it's activity. I was really excited when I went by the town pool and say that they'd built a new water slide. When I passed the elementary school I saw that they'd upgraded the playground. It's got an awesome climbing wall now. I think I'm taller than it but, for a kid it must be intense. Keep up the good work.

Now, I'm a sleepy face. I woke up at 6:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. There were plenty of chores to be done before heading down to my brother's to watch the Flyers game. Now, it's time to suit up for some country line dancing.

Friday, March 09, 2007

More things for the To Do List

As I've been puttering around other folks running blogs, I came across this lovely lady in Alaska. I've found a few running bloggers from Alaska. While I'm sure they'd envy me for the Southern California weather I get to enjoy, I envy them for events like this. I mean, listen to this.

"It was a challenging course that consisted of D pulling me on sled while ice skating on West Chester Lagoon, then we switched to snowshoes and while still pulling the sled we found 13 flags at various points between the lagoon and Goose Lake. The final event was to dig for a dinosaur that was buried within a 6ft radius around a flag."

Ice skating? Snowshoeing? Digging for dinosaurs?

Needless to say, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled if a race like this comes to my area.

Product Reviews

If I were a Pharaoh, I would be buried with the following products.

1) Goo Gone - Grass stains on your shorts? Sweat stains on your shirt? Blood from your nipples on your singlet? Goo Gone laughs at these stains. Then it eats them alive. I have never in my life been so content with a cleaning product. If I could use this instead of body wash, I would.

2) Champion Sports Bras - Sadly, I'm not as rich as Oprah and can't afford her sports bra. However, I think Champion does a damn good job. They're also sold at Target. So, I wait for them to go on sale and then I snatch those bitches up. They're worth it. My breasts and the bras.

3) Body Glide No one likes chafing. I chafe so much on my bra-line that I feel like I will be sawed in half. Perhaps I would if it weren't for Bodyglide. Just rub on this stuff before you work out and you'll be chafless.

4) Brooks I'd never heard of Brooks until a lovely man from Marathon Sports laced up my first pair. Now I'm hooked. Aside from my ridiculous bloody toenail under my old bloody toenail, these shoes have never caused me a problem. I don't blame them for the bloody toenail either. I think I got that when I was running with Adidas shoes. Yes, they added the extra layer of bloody toenail but, it was just a matter of time.

5) Spark - This is a great site if you're tracking calories and trying to lose weight. It's got a really good community message board with excellent support groups.

6) Footsie Pajamas - If you're an avid runner you probably have a low pulse and are cold all the time. If not, then I'm just a freak. Nights are the worst. Though these pajamas will never win any prizes for sex appeal, they will keep you warm and toasty on cold, cold nights.

The following products are ON NOTICE meaning they have a strike or two against them. One more and they are out.

1) Victoria's Secret - A little while ago, Victoria's Secret came out with a new line of sports bras. I've been quite satisfied with the one that my roomies got me for my birthday. That was until the strap came undone during the LA Marathon. The good times that I had with this bra are now smudged by one incident. Tear.

2) Imodium - You've kept me together so well for so long during races. But, this past race when I needed you, you let me down. Around Mile 19 I made a pit stop. Something I don't like to do. I have no doubt our relationship is strong enough to work through this. Let's go back to the way things were.

3) Fitday PC In terms of accurately tracking calories, I'll take you to Spark any day. However, the fact that you haven't upgraded to have a Mac version upsets me. I have a Mac and I'd like to use Fitday on it but, I can't. Boo on you.

March 9th (4 miles)

Still easing back after the marathon, I decided on this four mile jaunt. Notice the accuracy as I try and remember what direction the towpath goes through that area. Seriously, I can't believe how much gmap-pedometer lacks in the Boston and Trenton area. The LA portion of the site has a ton of trails on it.

Anyway, it was a nice messy run. Being in LA, you rarely have a chance to get some fresh mud on your sneakers. I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to do so. I chose the towpath specifically for that purpose. At the same time, the area is under construction.

Construction is good because there are port-a-pots around.

Construction is bad because the vehicles rip up all the mud and leave you with very little traction. So, I was slip sliding around more than anticipated.

Constuction workers are fine by me. They come up with clever things to say like, "You'll give yourself a black eye with those." That one always makes me chuckle.

When I got home, the crocuses that had previous been stunted because of the snow were peaking through again. I'm hoping that if this weather keeps up and I run more along the canal and the Delaware I'll get lucky and see some ducklings. They're so cute.


This blog: not just for running anymore

A like exercise in pretty much all forms. I have a New Year's Resolution to go rafting/tubing and rockclimbing this year.

I already found a great place to go rockclimbing in Joshua Tree. Now I just have to wait for soccer to end so that I have a free weekend.

The other day, I stumbled upon an article about OARS in my Budget Travel. I'd love to try one of the rafting trips. However, I may just go tubing with friends. Either way, I will be beet red by the end of the day.

I should make a side bar link section, but here are some other activities I endorse:
* Golden Bridge Yoga - taught by Krysta
* Hiking - I've been dropping the ball on this lately. Let Casey be your guide.
* Bungee Jumping - hiking and bungee jumping to be exact!
* Anything you can do at a National Park - They are a wonderful resource. Use them America.

Boston Running Routes

They say visualization is a good motivational tool. When I feel a little lazy and don't want to go running, these are the routes that I remember. I'm sure the mileage will be a little off on all of these as they aren't all on paved roads and for some reason Gmap does not like the trails in this area. Also, most of the routes start at BU. Sorry suckers.

The Esplanade 8.73 miles. The Esplanade is nice most times of the year (it can get a little icky in winter, but what doesn't) but, spring is the time to go. The flowers start blooming and the ducklings will come out. MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS!!

The Pond Loop This is a highly inaccuracte representation of this loop. There are a ton of trails that snake through the Leverett and Willow Pond area. It's a nice place to explore and since it's between two pretty busy thouroughfares, it's tough to get lost. Note: If you want to lengthen this run, continue passed Jamaica Pond to the Arboretum. There are a ton of trails in the Arboretum, so get lost for a little while. It's a most delightful.

The Doctor's Office Loop 7.77 miles Named because I didn't know where the Brookline Resivour was until I had to go passed it to get to my doctors office. This is a nice safe loop. The beauty of it is that it hugs the T-tracks, so if you ever get tired or have to get home to make a pit stop, it's convenient to do so.

The Commons Loop 6.88 miles. If you want to extend this loop follow the Freedom Trail when you get to Boston Common. Also, it's probably not good advice, but I always enjoyed running in the Public Alleys in Boston. More rats, less people.

Those are the major ones I can think of. Now my mind is racing with all the little detours I used to take. How good Zaftig's used to smell when I'd run by it. Those damn ducklings. Aww, they were precious.

March 8th (2.18 miles)

If you haven't noticed, I've been recording my miles since I turned 26. I'm a geek, what can I say. Most of the time I run at the gym, especially when I come home to Pennsylvania in the winter. I'm trying to break away from that habit for a few reasons.

1) Pennsylvania has much nicer scenery than Los Angeles. I'm not used to the cold, but I'm running. I'll build warmth. I can be so silly sometime.

2) Weekly gym memberships cost more than my yearly renewal at 24 hour fitness. Also the equipment and hours at the Pennsbury Racquet Club are lacking, the LA Fitness is too crowded, and the folks at Newtown Athletic Club are homophobic (to be fair, I can only confirm that the woman who signed me up for the pass was homophobic as she told me "they don't encourage those types of folks to join.")

3)I should be running more outside in LA. Staying on a treadmill all the time has different benefits than surface roads. Also, with Wild Miles coming up, I have to conquer different terrains. Awesome. I'll get to wear my "Amazing Race" style headlamp too.

I'm sure we all know the beauty of Gmaps Pedometer. If not, check it out. It's a great source to track how far you're running.

This was my March 8th route. Nothing too exciting. It's loop I used to do in high school before I got into longer runs. It was the perfect length for a girl who's easing back into running from a few day hiatus.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I should have started this blog a long time ago

I've been running for several years and always mean to keep a running log. But, like many things, it just kept slipping through the cracks.

I just finished the LA Marathon (3:49 Thank you very much) and I'm presently training for my next race in April, Wild Miles.

I guess I should let you know a little about myself. I'm a 26 year old woman in LA via Boston via Philadelphia via Trenton. Trenton Makes the World Takes, my friend.

I was always an athlete. I played soccer, softball, volleyball and field hockey. When I got to high school I focused on field hockey and soccer. When I tore my ACL skiing that focus switched to running.

I became an avid runner when I went to college in Boston. I love that city. I'm totally envious of any runners in that area. There are so many wonderful trails and city streets to take scenic runs on. If I can remember my routes I'll post about them.

My first big race was the Boston Marathon. I ran (unregistered) my senior year of college. From then on, I was hooked. I've done a bunch of races since then. I love racing. I enjoy a good marathon myself, but I also enjoy smaller races that I can do with friends and family.

This year I decided to branch out and try some new races. That's where I got the bug to do Wild Miles. We shall see how it goes.

Alright, I'm going to try and set up this blog a little better now. I just wanted to get started for the moment. Happy running to all.